Sash Windows Kent Can Refurbish All Types Of Sash Windows

Becoming aware of and contacting Sash Windows Kent when any petty issues with your windows, such as draughts or rattling through routine checks, can save these issues becoming signifncant and costly problems at a later date.

The Sash Windows Kent refubishment of your orginal sash windows can absolutely improve the look of your house, resulting in beautiful windows and often an increase in market value.

Apart from the expected paintwork touch ups, Sash Windows Kent refubished products will function with simplicity for at least 15 years following their installation.

Sash Windows Kent will retain the original charm of the sash window, whilst upgrading them with modern advancements such as double glazing and slim-styled window panes.


A great cost effective way of minimising draughts and heat loss is though Sash Windows Kent fantastic draught proofing service.

Sash Windows Kent all the while will employ the most comprehensive treatments and finishes at Sash Windows Kent to provide your window's longevity.

Sash Windows Kent Are Experts At Refurbishing Sash Windows


You can secure your home against issues such as noise pollution or heat loss through Sash Windows Kent superb, high-quality draught proofing service.

When we carry out refurbishment services, Sash Windows Kent clients are able to add their own instructions as well as requisites to their windows. Replacement services will always be recommended by Sash Windows Kent in cases however, whereby the window or doors are beyond repair.

At Sash Windows Kent we can create period sensitive sash window designs competitively and reasonably priced.

Sash Windows Kent will only ever recommend refurbishment services when they indicate an excellent, long-term asset for you and your home. Georigan, Regency, or Vicorian properties, will all have to be renovated with sash windows by Sash Windows Kent if they are to retain their period charm.

Sash Windows Kent use an advanced system of draught proofing that not only protects the building from draughts but also dirt intake, rattling and noise pollution.

As well as our standard repair and refubishment services, Sash Windows Kent will upgrade sash windows to work and look as good as new. Sash Windows Kent can appreciate how broken or shabby windows can compromise the overall appearance and value of your home, we have therefore, designed specific refurbishment programmes to attend to these concerns.